Hailing out of Forth Worth Texas, you’re going to certainly hear some of that Texas Metal sound resonate from Other Oddities. This band is not afraid to show its Texas roots, and fuse elements of Blues, Jazz, and Latin music into the mix. Other Oddities serves the sound up heavy, however the band is thoughtful, and socially aware taking on such subjects in their music as anti-bullying. For vocalist/ guitarist and founder Rock Cortez, this message is one that is fueled by personal experience, having known a family friend. who committed suicide due to being bullied. The song “Push,” inspired by this experience, is hard hitting, and in your face, with a message society needs to listen to.  Other Oddities also shared what inspires them to write music, the release of their EP, and exciting news for what’s to come in 2019. If you want Texas Metal with heart, get to know Other Oddities, and check out this interview below.