By Chris Benefiel



The lights come up at the Fillmore in Detroit Michigan, Sevendust bust out of the dark with “Dirty” off their last album.

First thing noticed is they sound as tight as you would expect a band that’s been around for 20 plus years, to sound.

Lajon’s voice has held up nicely, and they still have the same energy level as when I caught them in the early 2000’s.

The music and live performance has evolved but stayed true to the roots of the band. No mistaking, this was Sevendust!

They did a pretty good mix of songs from over the years. I thought they would of only played new stuff, So it was a surprise until I noticed the fans reaction.

The next two are older, “Face To Face” and “Denial” are from when I had seen them play with Clutch before.

A lot of catalog fans young, and uhh (middle aged) (we aren’t old) singing every line.

The band is feeding off the massive amount of crowd energy and pushing for more, when they go into “Unforgiven”, another new song.

The heavy crunch, and drive gets the crowed going. Most of the floor had at least heads bobbing, even non- fans at this point.

Then they go back into into playing three older songs, “Waffle”, “To Close to Hate”, and, “Bitch”.

I “sorta” thought it was odd they played those songs, and not promote new stuff; but realized why. all the songs are from when they toured with Clutch, at an earlier time just starting out.

Already being in a nostalgic mindset, mind blown! Pretty cool!!!! Right? I think so.

As much as I wanted the last song to be the Jane’s Addiction cover they did way back then, It was not.

“Thank You” did seem fitting also.

sevendust 2.jpg

My over all thoughts: I would of liked to have heard more new stuff just to check it out; but also cool to do what they did.

I could see a lot of new fans being made by the night for them. Opening for Clutch can be hard. They have a hardcore, cult like following;

but so does Sevendust in their own right. First in line at Tulsa was a slew of their fans. You don’t see to many opening acts fans beat Clutch fans to the door.

If you like a lot of energy at a show go see SEVENDUST

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