For someone who is only 3’3, Short E. Dangerously, or “Shorty” is larger than life. It doesn’t take long chatting with Shorty to feel inspired, and to see your own condition in a different light. Shorty took a medical condition, which arrived at him losing his legs, at only two years old, and turned that into stardom. For many of us who complain about our ailments or things we may not like about ourselves, you will not hear Shorty complain. He has made more of a life for himself touring and seeing the world, as a Circus performer than most people. Starting off as a DJ in the strip club circuit, and going into Circus performing with WOW, a travelling Circus, and now Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow, Shorty has graced the pages of Guinness Book, National Geographic, and now has his own statue in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Shorty is nothing less than a total Rock Star, when I had a chance to see him, in February of 2018. He came out to a song by Texas Hippie Coalition, wearing a “Cowboy’s From Hell” style Cowboy hat that the likes of the late Vinnie Paul Abbott, of Pantera. made famous.  Just his look alone is bad ass. In fact I would say Shorty is a real “Outlaw” working with fire, and walking with his hands on glass. As impressive as his stage performance is, his personality impressed me even more. Shorty is a burst of character, and positivity, he is full of passion for what he does, and has a natural zest for life. If you like chilling stage performances and you dare to be entertained check out a Hellzapoppin show near you; and in the meantime get to know Short E. Dangerously and the man behind the daredevil, by listening to this interview, below.

SHORTY 2.jpg