Growing up the grandson of legendary Johnny Cash, was not a simple foray into the music business for Thomas Gabriel. It is easy to think that the family member of someone so famous would have it easy, however for Gabriel life reflected the very challenges that he now explores full force, in his music. At twenty-one years of age, Gabriel approached Johnny Cash about putting out an album, his advice was not what Gabriel wanted to hear. Instead he was encouraged to get a job first. Gabriel spent eight years in the police force, and battling substance abuse, and his own personal demons found himself on the “other” side of the legal tracks. Serving ten years in prison, Gabriel has risen above his challenges, and turned his pain into triumphs, he rises above many of those dark times in his music. However, you can still feel that darkness reflected in many of his songs. Spooky overtures, painful moments, angst, and a whole lot of soul fill his album, “Long Way Home.”  I had a chance to speak with Gabriel about the album, what inspires him to write music, and growing up with Johnny Cash. I spoke with Gabriel while he was fighting Nashville traffic, a break in the middle of his rocking out to the latest Helmet album; Gabriel shared that he does not consider himself Country. We also talked about Country music today, and where Gabriel sees himself musically. We chatted about the legacy of Johnny Cash, and the comparisons and differences to Gabriel’s own music. For Thomas Gabriel he sees his music as “continuing tradition” and a contemporary twist, his own personal twist on the many hardships Cash reflected in his own songs. For the full interview with Thomas Gabriel click on the video above. If you have not checked out his music check it out here, or visit his website at www.thomasgabriel.com. This mix of Outlaw, Blues, Rock, and soul will tear at your heart strings; and his vocals with just enough of Cash’s tone reflected, will continue the legacy of “The Man in Black.”