Tombstone Rebellion rises up out of the black dirt, of none other than upstate New York, challenging the stereotype that Outlaw Hard Rock, only comes from the south. Tombstone Rebellion is gearing up for their release of their single “Line Em Up”, and these boys mean business. This band of East Coast outlaws is ready to take their music, not only across the country, but all around the planet. Tombstone Rebellion is a force to be reckoned with full of Hell fire, determination, and full on attitude. Tombstone Rebellion will be sure to Rock your face off, and they are poised to release a new album that will become a sure favorite, for sure. I had a chance to catch up with the band in the studio, where they are currently recording their Hard Rock Tour De Force, and working with none other than  J-Rod, who also produced albums for legendary Metal band Overkill. Check out this interview below and get to know Tombstone Rebellion.